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Schematic Available?

Jun 30, 2013 at 2:29 PM
Do you have a schematic available? It seems pretty straightforward based on the Arduino code, so I'm not sure if I have bad chips or an out of place connection.

I'm using an Arduino Mega2560 with a YM2149F with the following connections (converted all SPI connections from Uno to Mega).
const int bdirPin = 50; //mega2560 MISO
const int bc1Pin = 42;

const int da0Pin = 22;
const int da1Pin = 24;
const int da2Pin = 26;
const int da3Pin = 28;
const int da4Pin = 30;
const int da5Pin = 32;
const int da6Pin = 34;
const int da7Pin = 36;

//const int clockPin = 52; // Mega2560 SCK
My reset is set to the reset pin of the Mega. Is it required for BDIR to be the MISO pin or was it a coincidence in your layout?